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Cousins of land-dwelling elves and sometimes called aquatic elves, sea elves are water-breathing humanoids who fell in love with the otherworldly beauty of the oceans in the earliest days of existence. While most other elves traverse the many earthly realms, sea elves spend their time navigating the deepest trenches and exploring the endlessness of the oceans. In Lake Sember were less isolated from their kin, having decided that it was necessary for the survival of their children to learn more of the surface world. Aquatic elves there regularly interacted with the elves of Semberholme and their children were taught in the many schools within the city. This colony also had friendly relations with the treants on the southern shore of their lake. In general, aquatic elves saw little difference between the subraces of surface elves.

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Combined with specially crafted arrows, these bows functioned without the usual drastic loss of momentum that most ranged weapons suffered underwater. Evil aquatic elves developed a type of armor made with sharkskin and teeth, but most aquatic elves despised sharks and found the idea of wearing their skins repugnant. The amount of time aquatic elves could leave the water without doing harm to themselves seemed to vary. The safe period could be a few minutes, hours, a day, or even upwards of a week.

Those who lived in the Sea of Fallen Stars knew the trade language Serusan. The languages of other aquatic races (including that of their mortal enemy the sahuagin) might also have been known to an aquatic elf. Nobles and most of those who left their home settlements to adventure were literate, although commoners were not. The concept of private property, for the most part, did not exist among aquatic elves. Whatever given aquatic elf currently carried on their person could be considered theirs, but everything else belonged to the community as a whole.

Trance would normally be a great way to get proficiency in whips for elf rogues, but underwater your best bet is to stick to heavy crossbows. Around −1660 DR, aquatic elven High Mages and the Dukars destroyed the enclaves of “Deep Netheril” in the Battle of the Three Seaflames. They did so by transforming the crystal domes above the cities into a substance that burned when it came in contact with water, then directing the subsequent explosions inward. The blasts were so large they created new bays in the coastline.

While the Eladrin are inherently tied to their emotional states, the Shadar Kai often appear to be devoid of emotion altogether — though this isn’t necessarily the case. While some Eladrin change as the seasons do, there are others who chose to stay within the same form all year round. Also, there are others that change their forms several times a week to match their current mental state. My mission is provide high quality, diverse and affordable miniatures for all types of tabletop gaming. Each created using hundreds of mm square, faceted, coloured crystal diamonds. That said, it would take a pretty strong roleplaying hook to make this subrace make sense away from the Menagerie Coast.

That had been established in Serôs, ushering in an era of peace that lasted for 5,000 years. The aquatic elven empire grows even more powerful after the Marid States mysteriously vanished or were destroyed by krakens. In −11,003 DR, the empire of Aryselmalyr was official established, ruling over all the aquatic elven kingdoms of Serôs. According fall themed event names to one aquatic elven myth, they once dwelled on land, their ancestors having served as an armada that was going down in a storm and was saved by an unknown goddess. By 1371 DR, 80% of the elves of the Inner Sea were descendants of these transformed surface elves, which accounted for the increased frequency of magic among them.