Levitate Running Shoe Collection Women’s & Men’s Road Running Shoes

As my feet swell, I typically like to move my toes around a bit and there isn’t much room to do this in the Levitate 4. This is only a minor complaint and I wouldn’t have any problems choosing to run a road ultra in this. I’ve experienced a bit of foot slap when I tried to pick up the pace, and I believe this is due to the continuous outsole and less flexible forefoot.

And if they happen to be showing up on runways and in photo shoots, well, let’s just say we were ahead of our time. Whether you’re a long-time runner or new to the sport, find road or trail running shoes that are perfect for your journey. Support has to do with how much your body deviates from its natural movement pattern when you shift from a relaxed, natural state to your running stride.

I don’t know if the outsole is the biggest change, but with its one-piece design combined with the new midsole, the shoe is changed to something new. The transition from strike to toe-off is quick and stable but offers less flexibility. The segmented outsole of the Levitate 3 offers more flexibility in the forefoot but comes at the cost of less stability.

Back to the upper, real quick– I really do think the upper may end up being one of my all-time favorites. But, just to play devil’s advocate– that comfort is going to come with a price come red shoes mens outfit July in the Mid-Atlantic. My feet were pretty toasty even in near-freezing temperatures, so I’ll definitely be interested to see how much my pores make it rain in the warmer weather.

The reformulated DNA AMP of the 4 makes it lighter, which I didn’t notice much. What I did notice was the energy return in each stride. The result of the forefoot’s lack of flexibility was my mile splits becoming slower. But, the data that I collected have shown that I was still running the same pace I do in my other shoes. I was pleased to find a shoe that has a grey-on-black knit upper with a pearlescent white outsole.

I also appreciate the wider and stable platform on this go around. It’s probably necessary to stabilize the 41 mm of foam, but it nonetheless provides a nice landing zone. So despite the softness of the shoe, it’s surprisingly stable.

The heel cup fits perfectly and I didn’t have any issues with it digging into my Achilles tendon. The shoe is very comfortable that I always look forward to my next run. It’s January so I’m not about to throw out ‘shoe of the year’, but the Nimbus 25 is definitely at the top of my list for max cushioned trainers right now. It’s plush, comfortable, and the aesthetics are on point.

While the shoe is suitable for speed work, don’t expect it to feel light and fast. Brooks has trimmed down its weight, but it’s still not a track shoe. The Brooks Levitate 4 is a good all-around training shoe and could be used for daily training and marathons.

My initial thought on the fit was I’ve found my new favorite shoe. It fits true-to-size, with a medium to narrow toe box and ample arch support. My foot is as average as average gets; average size, arch, width, and runner’s toes. Adrenaline GTS.. So far used 3 pairs… And all are awesome on road and my best running shoes forever.