Jewelry Photography Props

A laidback pure and slow lifestyle with touches of pattern, muted beauty, dual purpose and unusual collectable pieces inspired by everyday surroundings. For instance, long dangling earrings or choker necklaces may not be the best choice for people who want to hide or emphasize certain body features. Metal color may also emphasize or complement your skin tone. In order to make the jewellery even look better, simultaneous similar backgrounds must be chosen in order to make sure that the total image soothes the eyes. This brings life into jewellery photography and obvious to the one wearing it.

This prop is quite easy to make and there is no hassle of using it as well. This is the most popular choice when it comes to picking a jewelry photography kit. This bundle has everything you need for taking photos of small objects that don’t necessarily have to be jewelry. The kit includes reflective boards as well as holders for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in two colors. According to statistics, creative jewelry photography props raise the sales and your product’s brand on the market. Sometimes you need to use jewelry design software to visualize how a particular item will match certain props.

The website will not accept any kind of refunds or returns. Maejean Vintage is an online retailer of fine vintage, antique, and estate jewelry. MJV specializes in jewelry from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and Retro eras.

For earrings, you can use a thread or thin wire that you can hang all the items on. I have previously mentioned, that you can use white putty or prop wax to get the products to stick and get amazing photos from multiple angles. Glue guns and double-sided paper are also great cost-effective alternatives. You can either take a picture on a flat surface without any props if they are small or hang them on an acrylic stand with holes in it.

Specialized jewelry mannequins mimic the head and shoulders of the wearer, or the hand. Either way, you can dress up your very quiet model to show how your pieces will rest on a human wearer. Your choice should also depend on whether you want the stand to be included in the shot, or you’re simply using it to support the product. In general, you want to pick a stand that presents the necklace in some kind of V shape.

Various types of flowers and fabric can do wonders for emphasizing the beauty of wedding jewelry. It’s very similar to the stands we’ve previously discussed, but it requires not much efforts to make. This cardboard is perfect for both small and long necklaces – you can easily adjust the length of the necklace by taping it at the back.

A. The ideal way to do jewelry photography is to use professional equipment. It ensures the best-quality jewelry images without any reflections or smudges. Professional jewelry photography is ideal for commercial purposes.

Having a few nice slices of timber around — whether that’s a table, a dresser, or even a chopping board — can really bring your product photos to life. Some provide nothing more than a hook for the chain, while others mimic the shape of the human form. All you need to do is click a picture using the DoMyShoot app. It automatically processes the jewelry image to meet the required guidelines and generates ready-to-use professional quality images, within a few hours. Neckpieces are the highlight of most jewelry sets; hence, it is critical that the photographer showcases them in the best way possible.

These three props can be used for some rustic antiques or junk jewellery photography. If you’re involved in wedding photography, then you can evoke emotion with your ring agenix photos by using props tied to the celebration location. Taking creative wedding ring photos is an obligatory mission of every photographer on such a momentous occasion.

That’s why red roses are often utilized in photography of Ruby-based jewelry, blue Calla Lilies for sapphires, and white tulips for diamonds, among other things. A post back with two holes is a commonly used prop for earrings, especially studs. It works well for earrings of all sizes and is ideal for flat and hanging photography.